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Real Women Winner #12 – Charlotte Byers

Congratulations to our 12th winner for the Ultimo Real Women campaign, Charlotte Byers!

We’re delighted to announce that the beautiful Charlotte Byers from Cleveland will be joining our other Real Women on their Ultimo lingerie shoot in just a couple of weeks.

Charlotte recently graduated from Northumbria University gaining a 2:1 degree in Human Resource Management and is currently on course to starting her career in this area.

Our lovely lady has had a rollercoaster of a year, so we think she definitely deserves a wee bit of pampering!  When asked about how she feels to have won a place in our Real Women line up, Charlotte said;

“Winning this competition means so much to me.  My family and I have had a tough year with some close family members being unwell (my dad was in a catastrophic car crash which resulted in having urgent spinal surgery) and therefore this is a fantastic start to 2011 to take my mind off the poor 2010 I experienced! The reason for entering this competition is that I wanted to prove to people that you can be a curvaceous size 12/14 girl and be happy with that.  I think these days there is so much pressure for models to be size 0 which in my opinion is not very attractive.  I wanted to represent the “real woman”.

And we completely agree!  Charlotte is like many of us ladies, with a passion for spending lots of money on clothes and meeting up with friends, however, also enjoying the fantastic sport of horse riding.  Having been a passion since Charlotte was a little girl, she has fortunately had the opportunity given from her parents to actually own her own horses!

So our gorgeous girl (taken – sorry guys!) Will be adding a little equestrian elegance to the shoot later this month.  Watch this space to keep up with all the latest news and photos from the campaign!

REAL WOMEN WINNER #11 – Clare Cousins


Congratulations to our 5th Twitter winner, and 11th overall winner for the Ultimo Real Women campaign, Clare Cousins!

Clare is a beautiful addition to our Ultimo Real Women line up, based in Aintree this 22 year old Nursery Practitioner is more than qualified to show the world what Real Women are all about!

Clare says that;

“The best thing a woman can do is accept and love themselves for who they are because no one is perfect and life’s too short to try and be somebody you’re not.”

And we wholeheartedly agree.  Clare is proud of her body, lumps, bumps, wobbly bits and all!  And will be a sparkling addition to the Real Women line up as a person who loves herself just the way she is.  A confident, loveable person who loves life and will live to the fullest, we can’t wait to meet Clare and our other beautiful ladies and show the world exactly what Real Women can do!


Happy Valentine’s day Clare!

Real Women Winner #10 – Louise Evans!

Congratulations to our 4th Twitter winner, and 10th overall winner for the Ultimo Real Women campaign, Louise Evans!

Louise is a stunning 43 year old lady from Maidstone in Kent.  After her husband passed away 5 years ago, when her son was just 6 years old, Louise lost all her self-confidence and devoted her life to bringing up her beautiful son, Dow.

Having lost huge amounts of weight and dropping to a teeny size 6, Louise says she would shut herself away from the outside world for weeks on end.  Luckily though, Louise has a fantastic group of friends, who along with her son gave her the confidence to reappear in the outside world.

Louise then started to Pole dance for fitness and to build on her confidence and general enthusiasm for life, and after building her strength, came back as a beautifully formed and healthy size 12.  We can’t wait for Louise to show off her gorgeous curves and returned confidence in the Ultimo shoot!

Talking to Louise about the opportunity, she said;

“2011 is my year.   My confidence is back with a vengeance. I’m 43 years old, have a new job, after feeling redundant when my son started senior school.  I am now the Events co-ordinator for our local leisure centre, my first Interview in 14 years and first job in 5 years and to top it all on my first day I had to explain to them that I have been given this stunning opportunity with Ultimo World, something I never dreamed could happen to me!

Life has never felt better. It just goes to show that if you want something and put your mind to it you can achieve whatever you want.”

If ever a Real Women deserved to be celebrated, our lovely Louise is definitely one of them; and we can’t wait!!!


Real Women Winner #9 – Michelle Barrett!

Congratulations to our third Twitter winner; and ninth winner overall, the beautiful Michelle Barrett!

Our 31 year old beauty hails from across the pond in the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland.  Michelle is a proud Mother of an amazing 4 children; 2 boys, and 2 girls.

But not only is Michelle a stay at home mum; by night she’s a singer in Dublin!

When asked about winning the competition, Michelle said;

“This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me I never thought in a million years I’d be selected. I’m so excited but also nervous as I’ve never done anything like this before but it’s great that ultimo will allow us real women(wobbly bits and all) to represent them.

It’s more realistic for us women to see pictures of ourselves all shapes an sizes in ultimo’s beautiful underwear, not stick thin models!!”

We’re really excited to meet Michelle with the Ultimo Glam team!  Are you following us on twitter yet?  Search for @ultimoWorld and that’s us!  We’d love to hear from you.

Real Women Winner #8 – Vikkie Bamber!

Congratulations to our second Twitter Real Woman, and eighth Real Women winner from the wonderous world of twitter, Vikkie Bamber!

Vikkie comes from Preston in Lancashire , and at 26 years old has two amazing children, Ellis & Isla.  Having been married for almost 3 years, Vikkie has unfortunately had a tough couple of years as sadly lost her mum and father-in-law 10 days apart from each other.  But we’re hoping to brighten up her year with making her a star!

Working part time for a Hotel Company doing Sales & Business Development, Vikkie has excellent juggling skills as being a busy working mum and trying to see her friends for a good old gossip whenever she can over a glass of wine or two!

Our lovely lady likes to keep fit, and adores to run, “the freedom of your own thoughts and listening to music is amazing, very proud to have completed the Great North Run last year in just over 2 hours 9 months after having a baby”, and we’re so proud of her achievement!

When asked about the campaign, Vikkie said,

“I’m sooo grateful, excited and slightly nervous to have  this amazing opportunity to be in the next campaign it really is a true honour, I often look at models and think “oh I’d look to do that” but there is always a height restriction, or size but this is about real women and I am certainly one of those and incredibly proud of my curves, an is an amazing confidence boost!!! Anything is possible if you have a little bit of confidence…. Just hoping I do the brand proud.”

We’re sure you will Vikkie, and can’t wait to meet you at the shoot!

Real Women Winner #7 – Yvonne Akwetey

Congratulations to our first Twitter Real Women Winner, and seventh overall Real Women winner Yvonne Akwetey!

Our beautiful Yvonne comes from Roehampton, Greater London.  A 24 year old graduate, Yvonne currently works as an Administrator. Having always had a passion for modelling and the performing arts (singing, acting and dancing) she was often teased at school for being too tall and having big breasts which shattered my confidence.

Yvonne entered a beauty pageant in October 2010 (Miss Ghana UK) just to see if she could gain some confidence in herself to pursue a modelling and music career. Finishing 2nd runner up, it was the first time she thought “I can do this!” Yvonne was awarded 1st runner up in December 2010 at a local fashion show competition which gave her a bit more belief in myself. It’s at this point she thought “I love my body and I’m going to work with what I have!”  Which is a great motto for every woman.

When asked about the campaign, Yvonne said;

“When I saw the ad on Twitter that Michelle was looking for real women to model in her next campaign – I hesitated at first because it was a nationwide search and the biggest thing I’d have entered, but thought, I’ll give it a go after all she said she’s looking for real women. What can I loose if I don’t win? – I was absolutely gobsmacked and stunned when I won the very next day! I still pinch myself!

To be a real woman Ultimo model means an incredible amount to me because Ultimo have embraced me for who I am, just as I am and have given me an amazing opportunity! The fact that Ultimo cater for bigger breasted women is fantastic! It has given me more confidence in myself to chase my dreams and I hope this can be a testimony to others that it is always important to embrace what you have as we are all different and unique.”

So from a girl being teased for having big breasts to being in a national campaign for Real Women; the stunning Yvonne shows that you never know what’s just around the corner!  Congratulations Yvonne, and we look forward to seeing more of you very soon indeed!

Are you following Ultimo on twitter yet?  @UltimoWorld

REAL WOMEN WINNER #6 – Bethan Riley!

Congratulations to our sixth winner, Bethan Riley who will be starring in our upcoming Real Women Lingerie Campaign!

Bethan is 23, and graduated from University with a degree in Creative Technology.  Her dream job has always been web design and we would like to say a big congratulations to the lovely Bethan, as she has recently been awarded a promotion to do this!

Bethan enjoys visiting the gym and staying healthy and has been a vegetarian for over 10 years!  And it definitely seems to have done the trick…  Having first heard about the Real Women competition in the paper, Bethan visited the Ultimo website straight away, and we are so glad she did.  Talking about her body confidence and why she wanted to be in the competition, Bethan said;

“Although I haven’t got a ‘perfect’ body I have always been happy with it and love my shape.  Underwear is my favorite thing to buy, I love the way that wearing pretty sets makes me feel good and gives me confidence.  I would love the chance to show off my body in gorgeous Ultimo underwear.”

All at Ultimo HQ wholeheartedly agree with Bethan’s love of lingerie and we can’t wait to see this lady strut her stuff in our shoot!

Would you love to be an Ultimo model for the day like celebs Kelly Brook, Sarah Harding, Mel B?There’s not long to enter now; applications close 14th January 2011, so to become one of the lucky 24, just click here.  To keep up to date with all announcements, make sure to keep an eye on these pages!


REAL WOMEN WINNER #5 – Elisa Roche!

Congratulations to our fifth winner, Elisa Roche who will be starring in our upcoming Real Women Lingerie Campaign!

Elisa is no stranger to the showbiz life as Showbiz Editor of the Daily Express, but fancies a little of the limelight for herself this time!  At 31 years old, Elisa is fluent in French, and also speaks a little bit of Turkish and Spanish and so will add a truly European feel to proceedings.

Having studied French and Art History at the University of Edinburgh. Elisa obviously appreciates fantastic composition and that’s exactly what we’ll have with our gorgeous ladies in the frame!

Do you want an opportunity to show off your best bits?  Remember there is still time to enter to become one of the lucky 24, just click here.  To keep up to date with all announcements, make sure to keep an eye on these pages!


Real Women Winner #4 – Angie Mugadza!

Congratulations to our fourth winner, Angie Mugadza who will be starring in our forthcoming Real Women Lingerie Campaign!

This small yet perfectly formed lady, comes from the capital city of London.  At 28 years old, Angie claims she is here to represent all the small sized ladies!

Originally from Edinburgh, Angie is confident with her body and promises us that she will bring fun and energy to the campaign.  We can’t wait!

Do you want an opportunity to how off your best bits?  Remember there is still time to enter to become one of the lucky 24, just click here.  To keep up to date with all announcements, make sure to keep an eye on these pages!


3 - Jodi Cahill

Real Women Winner #3 – Jodi Cahill

3 - Jodi CahillCongratulations to our third winner, Jodi Cahill who will be starring in our forthcoming Real Women Lingerie Campaign!

The gorgeous Jodi Cahill comes to us from the fantastic city of Liverpool.  A 22 year old student, Jodi is currently studying for her level 3 in hairdressing.

Jodi manages to fit in her studies whilst being mother to her 3 year old twins; in itself a fantastic achievement!  Jodi likes learning new things, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people, although she does claim to be a little shy – just wait till the Ultimo Glam team arrive!

Do you want an opportunity to shine like Jodi?  Remember there is still time to enter to become one of the lucky 24, just click here.  To keep up to date with all announcements, make sure to keep an eye on these pages!