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OMG – the next best thing to breast surgery?


The world’s most renowned cosmetic surgeon and star of ABC hit series “Extreme Makeover”, Dr Garth Fisher M.D, F.A.C.S, has hailed Ultimo’s new ‘OMG Extreme Cleavage Bra’ the next best thing to having a boob operation!

The patented and design registered bra is Ultimo’s tenth invention, bringing together for the first time ever the firm’s unique ICON ‘boob lift’ technology that propels the breast upward and Grade-A silicone gel technology that adds minimum two cups sizes. The result, developed over two years costing a six figure sum, is a gravity-defying ‘OMG’ cleavage that looks, moves and feels like the real thing!

Dr. Garth Fisher, who is the most sought after breast surgeon in the world and board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, said;

Ultimo OMG Bra is the next best thing to having naturally large breasts and the ideal solution for those who would not consider surgery. The secret to this bra is that not only does it lift and add volume, but it moves like real breasts thanks to the patented Grade-A silicone within the cup.

“The use of foam, water and air in bras – yes these all add volume, but to achieve a natural look you need to create the illusion of real breast tissue. Ultimo’s OMG bra does exactly that as it moulds sensitively around the breast and mimics the same movement as breast ligaments. I have never seen any other bra on the market that does this.”

The OMG Extreme Cleavage Bra has launched in Debenhams stores and online at priced at just £24.00. The bra, part of Ultimo’s new Miracle Solutions collection is available in sizes 30-38 A-DD.

Dr. Garth Fisher added;

“It’s an incredible bra and I would recommend it to any woman looking to achieve an enhanced cleavage without going under the knife. It’s as close as you’ll get to the real thing and having a full breast augmentation.”

Michelle Mone OBE, creator of Ultimo and the OMG bra, said;

“It’s really exciting to have Dr Fisher’s stamp of approval. Our aim when developing this bra was to create the “Ferrari” of all cleavage bras and Ultimo OMG is exactly that, as it’s infinitely more natural-looking compared with any cleavage bra currently on the market. We’re delighted that it’s being recognised worldwide as the next best thing to surgery and have no doubt that women are going to love it.

“Any female even considering breast implants, forget it, this bra will give you the exact same effect without the hefty price tag and physical scarring. Every single woman who wants bigger boobs should get one of these bras.”

“People keep saying ‘cleavage is back’, but it never went away! Men will always love cleavage and women will always feel sexier and more feminine with a fuller cup. It’s a fact. The most common complaint from women is that their unhappy with their size and this bra is the perfect solution.”


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