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The World’s First Boob Lift Bra – We have Lift Off!



After two years of inventing, with 100 years of combined technical experience behind it and costing a massive six-figure sum, Ultimo, the UK’s leading designer lingerie brand, unveilled the world’s most technologically advanced bra that achieves a complete and instant boob lift!

The super-advanced, lightweight ICON bra is the 21st century solution to saggy boobs and the most ground-breaking bra innovation to hit the bra world in over 10 years. In 1999 Ultimo launched the first ever ‘boob job’ bra and now they unveil the ‘boob lift’ bra, which launches today in Debenhams stores nationwide and online at priced at an incredible £19.00.

Ultimo ICON uplifts, reshapes and contours the breast to perfection making the wearer feel like she’s had a boob lift, owing to the bras complex web of microscopic fibres concealed in the compressed foam and the secret in-built ICON sling that propels the breast upwards.Michelle Mone OBE, creator of Ultimo ICON, said;

Ultimo ICON is the world’s first boob lift bra and light years ahead of other bras out there. Not only does ICON dramatically uplift the breast, but it’s also the most comfortable and lightweight bra in the world – women won’t even know they’re wearing it!

Ultimo ICON is for women of all ages; it works to prevent younger breasts from sagging and for women who already have saggy boobs, it uplifts the breasts in an instant to the perky pair they once were, making the breasts look up to ten years younger just like a boob lift.”


Icon Technology

ICON was tested on 100 women with an outstanding 100 per cent of them reporting that the design gives ‘dramatic uplift’ and ‘spectacular shape’, with many of the women saying that it made their breasts ‘look up to 10 years younger’. A vast majority of the wearers also reported that the bra remained ‘incredibly comfortable’ and that it ‘feels invisible’ after wearing it for a solid 24 hours.

ICON promises to deliver the same effect as having had a breast uplift operation, but without the cost and health risks of going under the knife. Debenhams is so excited about the new invention and placed its order a year ago.

Michelle added;

“People are obsessed with looking younger and getting rid of wrinkles on their face, but lack of shape and perkiness to the breast area is a dead giveaway to a woman’s age too and can also be given a more youthful look, which is exactly what ICON technology delivers. For younger wearers it will also help preserve that youthful silhouette and prevent sagging.

“I’ve been inventing, designing and manufacturing bras for over a decade now and this is without doubt the most advanced invention ever to hit the bra world. Each small stitch on the ICON bra is one giant leap for womankind. The bra was named the ICON because we truly believe it will become an iconic lingerie product.”

You can buy Ultimo icon for just £19 in classic nude, black and white.  Available in sizes 30B -38D from the Ultimo website, or in store in Debenhams nationwide.  Coming soon in fantastic fashion colours and prints!