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Want an Instant boob lift?


You may be lucky enough to have already been introduced to the Ultimo Icon, in which case you won’t need to read this post as you’ll already be hooked!  But for those of you who are yet to discover the revolutionary ‘boob lift’ bra READ ON.

In September 2010 the Ultimo ICON launched as the first ever ‘boob lift’ bra after taking 2 years and a incredible six figure sum to develop.  As an Ultimo best seller the ICON continues to be an everyday lingerie staple for millions of women over the world.

At only £19.00 the Ultimo ICON is certainly a cheaper alternative to evasive boob lift surgery and with comments from wearers such as ‘It makes your breasts look 10 years younger’ there really isn’t any excuse not to try it. http://www.ultimo.co.uk/shop/icon-257

Watch Michelle Mone talking through her favourite ‘boob lift’ bra http://www.ultimo.co.uk/features/video-wall?vid=953


Most comfortable bra is a DREAMWIRE come true for Ultimo


Revolutionary new hybrid model is a DREAMWIRE come true

The UK’s leading lingerie designer has unveiled a new cutting-edge invention designed to revolutionise the engineering of the everyday bra.

Ultimo’s new Dreamwire bra combines the comfort of a wireless design with the support of an underwire to create the perfect shape and ultimate comfort and stop digging.

After 19 months in development by Ultimo’s technical and design teams in the UK and Hong Kong, this hybrid innovation features a secret wire encased in soft foam for support, comfort and lift and a unique back design to eliminate overspill.

Tested by focus groups in 24-hour wear trials, the patented design technology of the Dreamwire was said to feel ‘barely there’ and ‘so light it didn’t even feel like wearing a bra.’

Available in black and nude in sizes A-DD at £24, the super-smooth lightweight fabric makes Dreamwire perfect for even the most figure-hugging top – helping maintain sweeping Ultimo curves without compromising on comfort, fit and wearability.

Michelle Mone OBE, founder of Ultimo, said: “I have always wanted to find a solution to the discomfort of wires digging, but without losing the shape and support that you get from it, so I came up with the dream combination.

“The underwire versus soft cup is an industry bra battle that has gone on for a long time, and we have been working to develop a hybrid model which we believe makes history in the evolution of lingerie design.

 “Each component of the Dreamwire has been specifically designed to give women an amazing, comfortable new experience and further expand Ultimo’s line of industry-leading inventions with one of the most exciting yet.

“Wires can be so uncomfortable and cause red marks. The wires on this bra are supported by a pillow so they don’t touch your skin. Our wear trials were phenomenal and women still didn’t feel like they had a bra on.


“I’m so honoured that I’ve managed with my team to create my 13th invention, Dreamwire.
I wear it myself while working out and I feel bra-less.”

 Over the past decade, Ultimo has developed an innovative range of Miracle solutions to solve a multitude of dilemmas while always aiming to create the perfect silhouette – helping women boost curves and confidence by helping making the most of what they have thanks to advanced technology and cutting-edge design.

 The Ultimo Miracle range first catapulted Ultimo on to the world stage in 2000 when Julia Roberts sported one of the patented OMG gel-filled bras as Erin Brockovich in the box office smash.

 Buy Dreamwire here http://www.ultimo.co.uk/shop/dreamwire-339


Whirlwind of excitement at Ultimo HQ

With so much going on at Ultimo HQ – the last couple of months have been a total whirlwind of excitement!

The team was in Canada shooting our incredible new Face & Body Luisana Lopilato – Michael Buble’s wife – who we unveiled in our fabulous Ultimo Miracle collection www.ultimo.co.uk who has been an amazing success and is our biggest international signing yet, following in the footsteps of previous campaign models including Mel B, Sarah Harding and Helena Christensen.

Ultimo’s new Face & and Body Luisana Lopilato wears Ultimo Miracle Black OMG Bra £25

Then we launched the brand new Bra Queen label as part of an exclusive major partnership deal with Tesco – with Amy Childs revealed as the face of the brand. When you’re getting your shopping next time you’ll go and have a look – there are some gorgeous pieces and different designs for every taste from girly and elegant to animal print and black lace – from £7 it’s definitely worth putting some lingerie treats in the trolley beside your veggies.

Find your nearest store visit www.braqueenmichelle.co.uk or go to www.tesco.com/clothing

Meanwhile, aside from these two major launches, we are preparing to launch an amazing new Ultimo Beauty range for next year – which will lead on to perfume and tan. It’s a massive step in a new direction for the future of the company and we can’t wait to tell you more nearer the time but all we can say is you’re going to love it – start making space on your dressing table!

It has been a really crazy, emotional, challenging and quite unbelievable journey that Michelle re-lived for a BBC2 documentary with Peter Jones. In “How We Made Our Millions” – which was aired on Wednesday 9th November, the Dragon’s Den mogul followed Michelle for five months to make the fly-on-the-wall insight into how the story began and some secrets of the brand’s success.

Peter goes all the way back to the beginning of it all – Michelle’s childhood in a one-bedroom tenement flat in Glasgow’s East End.

She said: “I was a bit nervous about being filmed in a documentary style and at six foot seven it wasn’t easy to forget that Peter was following me around.

“But I ended up feeling quite relaxed and I opened up to him about all the trials and tribulations of growing up, my younger brother dying from spina bifida when I was eight, and my dad becoming ill at the age of 38.

“I talked to him about starting off working at the age of 10 doing a paper round and leaving school at 15 with very little qualifications, and being a mother and all the highs and lows of the last 14 years since Ultimo started – all our celebs and secrets.

“I was in tears because it unlocked a lot of heartache, but on the other hand opening up about it like that was also quite cathartic.

“I also discovered that I could have some form of OCD and always have to arrange my lingerie according to colour.

“It’s amazing how someone following you around makes you aware of things you do.”

You can watch it here on BBC iPlayer:


The countdown is on to our new range launches – get a sneaky preview at http://www.ultimo.co.uk/shop/fashion

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Breasts in pole position as Ultimo Women go 20 degrees north!

Ultimo Miracle Balcony Bra 32-38 DD-G in black, white and nude from http://www.ultimo.co.uk (£27)

Ditch those bras that leave breasts confused between east and west and go north with Ultimo‟s Miracle Balcony Bra (No Gel) for instant slimness, flattering curves and more than 50 per cent increased angle of lift.

It‟s a dream come true for bigger busted girls who want to bring their breasts back in line and pointed in the right direction – and lose two inches instantly revealing the perfect hour-glass figure.

The breasts are lifted to expose the slimmest area of the torso, not only giving a fantastic shape and renewed confidence but clothes will fit better as the silhouette becomes instantly slimmer.

With its Superior Advanced Cup Technology Ultimo‟s Fuller Bust Collection, which also includes the Miracle Plunge Bra, is designed specifically for larger cup sizes (from DD-G) offering unrivalled, lightweight support and comfort to lift, shape and empower the fuller busted woman.

The new and improved fuller bust cup shapes have been specifically designed not to add bulk to the bust, but rather to lift, sculpt and shape by revealing the waist and an hour-glass figure worth admiring.

Ultimo VIB (Very Important Breasts) Suzanne Tait, from Scotland, is pictured wearing a leading high street brand‟s balcony bra before changing into the Ultimo Miracle Balcony – and the results are obvious.

Framed by a flattering sweetheart neckline her breasts are instantly lifted, losing two inches across the width of her bust resulting in a streamlined, smoother look with the added comfort of heat sealed labels and fused straps. The 39-year-old was amazed by the immediate and stunning transformation.

After putting the Miracle Balcony to the test Suzanne, who is a curvy 36DD, said, “I couldn‟t believe the difference. The bra lifts you up without discomfort and it gives a far better, more defined shape under clothes and improves posture. Now I have discovered the range there is no going back!”

Michelle Mone OBE, creator of Ultimo, said, “The only way is north right now – forget east and west breasts, and no woman wants to go south! Our cups have been designed to propel you forward and upwards with maximum impact and comfort with minimum pressure on your shoulders. Why spend an average of £4000 on breast lift surgery when for just £27 you can have an instant pain free boost?”

The essential bra of the holiday season? Day-to-night for 2 cleavage looks AND 5 ways to wear!

Ultimo, the UK’s leading lingerie firm presents the perfect bra for going away – the  ‘Day to Night Bra’! Start your day a 34B and by the evening you have the option to be a 34D, thanks to the miracle removable silicon pouches!

Ultimo invented the patented silicon technology ten years ago when it launched the famous Ultimo Fixed Gel Bra worn by Julia Roberts to create her Erin Brockovich cleavage. But now women can choose what size to be, without having to change the bra they’re wearing thanks to the REMOVABLE silicon.

Not only that, but with 5 ways to wear – it’s the only bra you’ll need! Available in A-D cups with the gel pouches, or cups DD-G without gel, but with the fabulously flexible multiway straps.  This bra is so comfortable and supportive, it can be worn strapless in a cinch!  Black, white and nude – the perfect selection for any outfit, the miracle multiway strapless also comes with the new and improved Miracle Technology which means wear all day comfort.

Buy it online and don’t miss out! 

Dare to Bare with Ultimo’s ‘Miracle’ Backless Body

With backless dresses currently dominating the red carpet, Ultimo – the UK’s leading designer lingerie brand – have come up trumps with their latest invention designed specifically for this hot celebrity trend!

Perfect for wearing under daring  backless dresses a la Cheryl Cole, Ultimo has unveiled a unique backless body design – the ‘Miracle’ Backless Body, part of the firm’s innovative Miracle Solutions range available from Debenhams and online at www.ultimo.co.uk

The new patented and design registered body delivers spectacular support, uplift and comfort despite its dramatic, deep scooping design that exposes the entire back for a super sexy look. The garment is available in sizes 30 – 38 A- G priced from £41.00.

Michelle Mone OBE, creator of the Miracle Backless Body, said;

“The beauty of wearing a backless dress is that people do not expect to see your entire back and it’s that element of surprise that will keep them talking.

“Choosing a dress that exposes most of your back will definitely turn heads, but you still want to feel comfortable and supported, which is why we developed this fantastic design.”

The body features ‘secret support’ inner structure engineered to create lift and to sculpt the silhouette, whist the removable gel in the bra gives the option of cleavage. The body also boasts a super-smooth finish and infinity edge gives it amazing ‘wear all day’ comfort.

Michelle added;

“The Ultimo Miracle Backless Body is the perfect solution for under daring backless gowns as it gives you all the support that you need, creates a brilliant silhouette and delivers amazing ‘wear all day’ comfort. Not only that, but the straps are multi-positional, so it’s incredibly versatile too.”

The Ultimo ‘Miracle Solutions’ Backless Body comes in Black and Nude and is available from Debenhams stores and online at http://www.ultimo.co.uk <http://www.ultimo.co.uk>  priced at £41.00


Wear a Cutout Dress with Confidence! love Ultimo x

Ultimo has unveiled its most ingenious bra design yet, the Ultimo ‘Side Cleavage’ bra. The new patented and design registered bra delivers spectacular support, uplift and comfort despite being crafted from only 90 cm2 of material – 40% less than the average bra!

Perfect for wearing under tricky cutaway party dresses a la Cheryl Cole or ‘barely there’ vest tops, the clever underwired bra features limitless hook positions and is available now from Debenhams stores and online www.ultimo.co.uk priced at just £25.00.

Michelle Mone OBE, creator of the bra, said; “We set ourselves the ultimate challenge with this design, to create a bra that is virtually invisible under even the skimpiest of outfits! Often when you see people in daring cutout dresses, you think ‘what does a girl wear under a dress like that’. The answer is this amazing invention, the Ultimo Side Cleavage Bra.”

The bra features unique elongated cups that are cutaway for minimal coverage, as well as floating wires that provide the virtually invisible support. Silicone detail within the cups maintains the perfect position for the bust, whilst integrated foam fingers add boost. The bra comes in sizes 32-36 A-D in black and white.

Michelle added; “The Ultimo Side Cleavage Bra is the perfect solution for the under daring cut away fashions, as it gives you all the support that you need, creates a brilliant silhouette and delivers amazing ‘wear all day’ comfort. Not only that, but the straps are multi-positional, so it’s incredibly versatile allowing you to wear it a thousand different ways under any dress style.”

TV Presenter Alex Jones swears by Ultimo!

Alex Jones, the presenter of The One Show, has lifted the lid on the secret to her svelte figure and shapely form – Ultimo, the UK’s leading designer lingerie brand!

The gorgeous presenter recently slipped into Ultimo’s powerful, figure sculpting ‘Super Knickers’ (£25) and Tweeted, “This dress for tonight is soooo tight! Thanks Ultimo for holding me in!!!”. The control knickers, available from Debenhams stores and http://www.ultimo.co.uk, dramatically slim and firm the tummy area, lift the bottom and help lose inches from your midriff.

Alex said;

“Ultimo shapewear is a godsend, it hoiks me up and holds me in in all the right places. Underwear forms the foundation of your outfit, so you’ve got to get it right – especially when you’re in front of millions of viewers!”

Dancing on Ice mentor Karen Barber was also spotted wearing Ultimo on Sunday night’s show, proving that the brand is fast becoming a top celebrity favourite! Karen wore one of the brand’s dresses from its new Ultimo Couture womenswear collection. The new Bridal line launches later this week, with a second fashion collection next month.

Michelle Mone OBE, 39, creator of Ultimo, said;

“We’ve got a lot of celebrity fans who come to us for help, whether they’re looking for an underwear solution or a glamorous dress for a special occasion.

“Over the years we’ve helped everyone from Cheryl Cole to The Saturday’s – we’re like the lingerie SOS! But it’s so important to have the right underwear to make the most of your shape and create the body you want. If you get the foundation right, everything else will simply fall into place.”

It’s not the first time Ultimo has been drafted in by a celebrity; two years ago Madonna called on Ultimo, ahead of her Sticky & Sweet tour and requested Ultimo Shapewear from the firm to help create her infamous honed & toned silhouette. Ultimo was also responsible for creating Julia Roberts va-va-voom cleavage in Hollywood blockbuster Erin Brockovich.

Ultimo unveil the ‘Instant Body Fixer’

Knowing how to get the perfect body is the desire of almost all women and now Ultimo, the UK’s leading designer lingerie brand, have launched an instant remedy, the Ultimo ‘Instant Body Fixer’.

The Ultimo Instant Body Fixer gives a dramatic and instant body makeover, adding two cup sizes to the bust and powerfully contouring curves for a slimmer, sleeker silhouette! The new design goes on sale tomorrow, Monday 10th January 2011, in Debenhams stores nationwide and www.ultimo.co.uk priced at £41.00. The product is part of the brand’s “Miracle Solutions” range, a collection of highly innovative design-registered products designed to perfect and enhance the body.

Michelle Mone OBE, creator of Ultimo, said;

“This garment will give you a body that sculptors would rave about – not only does it boost your assets by 2-cup sizes, but it streamlines the silhouette and sculpts the waistline. If you’re struggling with some extra inches after the festive season and want to look your best, this is the perfect investment.

“An incredible body is all about proportion and the Ultimo Instant Body Fixer will give you just that, instantaneously. Unlike a lot of bodies on the market, this product trims and sculpts your body to its optimal shape, whilst also delivering incredible cleavage to give the perfect hourglass shape.

“Not only that, but it comes in two styles – backless and v-shaped plunge, so it can be worn invisibly under a variety of dress styles. It also offers two cleavage options thanks to the clever removable silicone pouches.”

In 2010 Michelle Mone was awarded an OBE for her contribution to the lingerie industry. Since launching the world’s first Grade-A Silicone Gel bra back in 1999, the Ultimo Plunge Bra, Michelle has continued to bring cutting-edge lingerie design to the high-street. Ultimo now boast over ten patented and design registered products. The Ultimo Instant Body Fixer features ‘secret support’ inner structure, engineered to create lift and to sculpt the silhouette. The removable gel in the bra gives the option of cleavage, while the super-smooth finish and infinity edge gives it amazing wear-all-day comfort.

The Ultimo ‘Instant Body Fixer’ is available in nude and black and goes on sale tomorrow, Monday 10th January 2011, in Debenhams stores nationwide and online at http://www.ultimo.co.uk.

Ultimo Shapewear

Over indulged a little? New Year, New You – instantly!

Ultimo Shapewear

Ultimo Miracle Shapewear will perform miracles on all those wobbly bits!  Ultimo Shapewear (available from £25) creates a super sleek foundation for under your party dress! Ultimo Shapewear offers extreme control for a ‘total body overhaul’, helping to smooth lumps & bumps, control the tummy, slims hips, smooths thighs, reduce the appearance of cellulite and lift and shape the bottom.  Throw away the scales and get body beautiful in an instant!

1 power bodyOur Miracle Shapewear Power body will sort you out in a sec!  Smoothes bulges, controls and flattens the tummy, smoothes and slims hips and thighs reducing the appearance of cellulite, and lifts & shapes the bottom with no VPL; all at once – all for only £40!

2 control shortRid yourself of those love handles with the Miracle Control Short!  Slims the body from under the bra line down to the thighs. The waistband stays firmly in place with silicon strips. Smoothes the midriff, controls & flattens the tummy, and lifts & shapes the bottom £25!

And finally we present the Ultimo Miracle Superknicker to the rescue!  Slim and firm the tummy area and gently lift the bottom, helping you to lose inches from your midriff!  The soft fabric offers a comfortable fit and invisible look under clothes too! Only £25.

3 superknicker