ULTIMO Commonwealth "Human Bra"_2Scottish Gymnasts create spectacular 10ft 3D Ultimo bra formation in the heart of the Commonwealth Games host city, Glasgow

Ultimo has been devoted to supporting women for over 15 years, so to celebrate the countdown to the Commonwealth Games – in spectacular style – we created the world’s first “human” bra to support young athletes!

We brought together more than 30 gymnasts from across the central belt of Scotland to fashion the dramatic 3D formation in George Square, one of the city’s key Commonwealth Games areas.

Ultimo founder Michelle Mone said: “As one of Scotland’s biggest brands, we wanted to do something extraordinary to celebrate the Commonwealth Games and the amazing human endeavour that will be on display in our hometown next week.

“Gymnastics is one of those sports that just takes your breath away, and the girls did an amazing job of bringing our “Big DD” human bra to life with both strength and grace.”

The creation ties in with the announcement that Ultimo will donate £1 of every bra sale from www.ultimo.co.uk to SportsAid Scotland, whose patron is Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, for the duration of the Commonwealth Games (July 23rd – 3rd August, 2014), helping to fund the next generation of UK athletes and Commonwealth hopefuls.

The gymnasts who helped to create the Ultimo “Big DD” Human Bra came from two clubs – Hamilton Gymnastics Club and East Kilbride Gymnastics Club, and were aged between 12 and 18 years old.

Ultimo Commonwealth "Human Bra"_1

Wendy Lucas, 35, the Senior Coach of Hamilton Gymnastic Club who choreographed the bra, said: “This was definitely a first for us, but it was absolutely fantastic! We have worked on interesting projects, but I’ve never been asked to recreate a giant Ultimo bra. It was a challenge, but gymnastics always is and we are delighted with the result.”

Click the link to check out our spectacular video capturing the creation of the “Big DD” here: http://youtu.be/w-B_vdoXnfI

Ultimo is available in stores throughout the UK, including Debenhams, Next, House of Fraser, and Harrods, and online at www.ultimo.co.uk.

Help us “support” future generations of sporting stars by buying a bra from ultimo.co.uk during the Commonwealth Games!





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