OMG indeed! We didn’t think our founder Michelle Mone’s first ever bra design and Ultimo’s most iconic product could get any better – but we were WRONG!

The OMG Plunge Bra, first worn by Julia Roberts in her Oscar winning portrayal of feisty blonde Erin Brockovich is now an amazing 50% LIGHTER! Developed by Michelle and a team of leading technical experts from across the globe, the new and improved ‘light as air’ product goes on sale today at


The £27 bra is famous for launching the Ultimo brand and helping flat-chested women to add 2 full cup sizes to their cleavage without resorting to surgery. We have sold millions of the bras since it first launched in 1999 and, until today, the bra design has remained untouched.

The OMG Plunge bra is the only bra in the world to use real silicone gel, which moulds around the breast to create a naturally rounded, but extreme cleavage. Unlike foam the silicone gel actually moves like real boobs creating the ultimate cleavage illusion.


We caught up with our founder Michelle Mone to ask why she felt the time was right to improve on perfection…

Michelle, why did you decide to improve your iconic ‘first ever’ bra design?

This has been a huge year for Ultimo so far – we’ve overhauled the brand, launched a new website and unveiled our gorgeous new ‘face & body’ Abbey Clancy. So it felt like the right time to review our best-selling product, the OMG Plunge bra, and following months of development have managed to decrease its weight by a massive 50 percent.

So, how is it new and why is it different?

Owing to the use of advanced construction techniques, we’ve improved the structure to give extra boost and projection, and added clever ‘racer back clip’ feature, which gives the option to bring the straps together at the back.

Was it a labour of love making changes to the bra that launched the Ultimo brand?

This product is the original Ultimo bra, so it’s very close to my heart. Over the past 15 years this bra has helped literally millions of women achieve a cracking cleavage – and it paved the way for a whole series of bust-boosting Ultimo designs. If women loved the original, this product is going to blow their minds – it’s without doubt the best, most comfortable and lightweight cleavage bra on the market.

To celebrate the ‘OMG’ being 50% lighter we are offering 25% off all weekend. Simply enter WWW25 at the checkout to receive your discount. T&C’s apply. Offer ends Sunday 16th at midnight.

Bag an Ultimo OMG today ladies – your cleavage will thank you for it!





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