We don’t have the January blues here at Ultimo HQ – quite the opposite in fact!We are very optimistic about the year ahead and excited about what 2014 has in store. However, one thing that is a little blue are the tips of our toes because baby, it’s (still) cold outside and we could be doing with a little heat in our bones and some bronze on our bodies. Lucky for us we don’t need a week in Tahiti to transform our pale winter skin to a shade of summer – we have Ultimo UTAN!

Available in an array of shades Ultimo UTAN not only delivers a deep, even, long-lasting colour, it assists in re-sculpting and reshaping the body contours. Plus it’s easy to apply, streak-free and odour free. It’s also a great pick me up. If we’re feeling tired, we know a little UTAN always do the trick as it disguises our pale pallors, evens out our skin tone and makes us feel much better in (and out) of our clothes!

Ultimo founder and inventor of UTAN, Michelle Mone is never seen without it and swears that with even one application of UTAN your silhouette will be darker; making you appear slimmer and reducing the appearance of cellulite. It’s Michelle’s self-tan secret weapon, not to mention a mini-break in a bottle. So, until it’s time to pack up and jet off to distant shores, we will be picking out our preferred shade of UTAN and looking sun kissed from winter into spring!

Prepare your skin by applying UTAN ‘Diamond Dust’ Body Exfoliator onto damp skin, massage in circular movements starting from the toes upwards to slough off any dead skin cells. Then gently towel-dry the skin and you are ready for UTAN…

For a gradual natural and radiant tan that develops overnight we recommend ‘Miami Beach’ Deluxe Gradual Tan. If you prefer a golden, glamorous sun-kissed shade you should try Utan Self Tan Mousse Medium in ‘California Sun’ or the Self Tan Lotion in ‘Marbella Gold’. Those who long for a warm, exotic shade should try Self Tan Mousse Mousse in ‘Brazilian Bronze’ and for an even deeper and more intense tan, opt for the Self Tan Lotion in Ibiza Extreme.

Once applied, UTAN products create an instant, seductive colour that intensifies over the next 3-4 hours. You’ll then feel amazing and get adoring glances for up to 5-6 days.

Finally, enhance your newly bronzed skin with UTAN Shimmering Gold Body Moisturiser, a silky smooth lotion for added iridescent indulgence. You glow girl!

Snap up the Ultimo UTAN range and take advantage of the massive 50% saving while stocks last – http://www.ultimo.co.uk/sale/utan-348

Happy New Year (and happy bronzing!)



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