Wedding Solutions….

Wedding fever is in full swing, whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid or guest you need to ensure you’re wearing the right lingerie. Thanks Michelle Mone OBE  you need never have lingerie issues again as she’s created the perfect guide to lingerie for your shape.





If you are an HOURGLASS shape “Ladies lucky enough to have the hourglass shape should choose a body or basque. Bodies and Basques smooth and sculpt the silhouette but still offers the support and cleavage of your favourite plunge bra!”

Product Recommendations:
·     Ultimo Instant Body Fixer £42.00
·     Ultimo Backless Body £42.00/46.00

If you are a PEAR shape
“Pear shaped ladies really benefit from the help of a control short. No matter if you’re a size 8 or 18 the shorts will not only slim down your bottom half but also sculpt and smooth giving you the curves you’ve always dreamed of! Or if you’re after something a bit sexier a bra with a shoulder detail can balance out bottom heavy beauties!”

Product Recommendations:
·     Ultimo Super Knicker £26.00

·     Ultimo La Femme Bra £32.00

·     Ultimo La Femme Thong £12.50

·     Ultimo La Femme Suspender £16.00

If you are an APPLE shape “If you carry your weight around the middle I’d suggest going for a basque or a high waisted short. There are so many sexy styles out there so you won’t need to change your underwear for the evening!”

Product Recommendations:
·     Ultimo Black Label Bridal Basque £51.00

·     Ultimo Black Label Bridal Satin Thong £16.00

·     Ultimo Black Label Suspender Belt £19.00

If you are an ATHLETIC shape “Ladies with an athletic shape should opt for lingerie with intricate details such as pleats, bows and frills, or a cropped bra-let to give the illusion of a feminine shape.”
Product Recommendations:
·     Ultimo Black Label Bridal Satin Multi-way Bra £36.00

·     Ultimo Black Label Bridal Satin French Knicker- £21.00

·     Ultimo Bridal Low Back Strapless- £36.00

If you have a FLAT CHEST “ There is no excuse not to be flaunting a fabulous cleavage on your wedding day. Go for a bra with gel and a low plunge. At Ultimo we put silicone gel into a range of our bras which give the look of between 1 and 2 cup sizes more there are so many cleavage enhancing options out there.”

Product Recommendations:
·     Ultimo OMG Bra- £28.00

·     Ultimo Black Label Bridal Satin Multi-way Bra £36.00

·     Ultimo Black Label Bridal Satin French Knicker- £21.00

If you have a Bigger Bust “Those blessed with an ample bust- fear not. Many Bridal collections go up to a G cup. The key for those with a larger bust is support and uplift. I’d recommend popping into a store and trying a range of styles to see which feels the most comfortable. There’s nothing worse than seeing a bride spill out of her dress.’
Product Recommendations:
·     Ultimo Black Label DD-G Satin Multi-way Bra £36.00

·     Ultimo DD-G Miracle Backless Body- £39.00

·     Ultimo Black Label Bridal Satin French Knicker- £21.00


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