Have you found The One?


Women all over the world looking for THE ONE have finally had their prayers answered thanks to a revolutionary invention. THE ONE by Ultimo has already sold over 1 million bras and is being tipped to take the lingerie world by storm!

 THE ONE has been designed for women who have been searching for the perfect everyday bra that gives a natural looking rounded cleavage. Taking a staggering 2 years to invent by Ultimo’s expert teams in the UK and Hong Kong, the revolutionary invention banishes the double-boob effect using an innovative satin sling while the super light weight foam cups lifts and project the breasts.

 THE ONE by Ultimo is priced at a competitive £18, whereas rival brands charge up to DOUBLE the price. 

Ultimo creator Michelle Mone OBE said ‘”THE ONE by Ultimo is a perfect match for women of all shapes and sizes because of its secret weapon – a satin super-sling inside the cup which holds your breasts in place eliminating the double boob.

 “Women want that natural, rounded, full-looking bust from day to day but they should not be expected to pay through the nose to achieve it. I believe THE ONE by Ultimo is the best investment a woman will ever make”

 “More than a million have already been sold and I challenge others to try it and see for themselves”

 “In my opinion no other every day bra on the market can compete with THE ONE by Ultimo as it gives incredible results at an unrivalled price.”

THE ONE is available in cup sizes A-E in black, white, nude and Animal.

 THE ONE will be available at www.ultimo.co.uk, Debenhams, Next on-line, ASOS, and Littlewoods. 


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