The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


While many of us know our Mum’s very well and would like to think that any gift they receive from us would be ‘spot on’ and ‘just what they’d always wanted’. Choosing the perfect underwear for your Mum is slightly different; buy them something ‘uplifting’ or ‘smoothing’ and it could be seen as offensive or if you went for something a bit ‘saucy’ it could cause some ‘blushing’ on both your parts and that’s without the issues of sizing!

Here at Ultimo HQ along with the usual chocolate and flowers we’ll send our Mum’s an Ultimo gift card. It’s very simple to do and can be set-up at ANYTIME (yes even 5 minutes before you’re about to take her out for a Mother’s Day lunch!). Simply visit:   enter your email address and their email address, how much you want to put on (£10-£200) and what day you want it to go out. An email will then be sent to the lucky receiver and a balance will be added to their account when they sign up.  They are then free to spend the money as and when they feel and no ‘blushing’ caused.

If you are brave enough to choose your Mum’s undies here’s what we would suggest:

–          Something from the Adore Moi collection, elegant and feminine with exquisite detailing she’ll appreciate




–          An Ultimo Dreamwire, our fastest selling invention, super lightweight and comfy- she’ll love you for introducing her new ‘dream’ bra





–          Ultimo Coco Lace, a safe but gorgeous set they she can wear on almost every occasion



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