The 9 bras every woman should own…

A new survey by sweatshop revealed that the average woman owns 9 bras. If Ultimo HQ had to pick what those 9 bras would be these ‘must haves’ would be our choices:

1.       An everyday bra- The Icon

RRP: £20.00


2.       A comfy bra- The DreamWire

RRP: £24.00

3.       A sexy bra- Mirage

RRP: from £28.00



4.       A  feminine bra- Evangeline

RRP: from £28.00

5.       A clever bra- Strapless Multiway

RRP: from £25.00


 6.       A low front bra- Frontless Plunge

RRP: from £29.00

 7.       A low back bra- Diamante back bra

RRP: £36.00

 8.       A killer cleavage bra- THE OMG bra

RRP: £25.00

 9.       A non-padded bra- Adore Moi Rose Petal

RRP: £22.50


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