Wear a Cutout Dress with Confidence! love Ultimo x

Ultimo has unveiled its most ingenious bra design yet, the Ultimo ‘Side Cleavage’ bra. The new patented and design registered bra delivers spectacular support, uplift and comfort despite being crafted from only 90 cm2 of material – 40% less than the average bra!

Perfect for wearing under tricky cutaway party dresses a la Cheryl Cole or ‘barely there’ vest tops, the clever underwired bra features limitless hook positions and is available now from Debenhams stores and online www.ultimo.co.uk priced at just £25.00.

Michelle Mone OBE, creator of the bra, said; “We set ourselves the ultimate challenge with this design, to create a bra that is virtually invisible under even the skimpiest of outfits! Often when you see people in daring cutout dresses, you think ‘what does a girl wear under a dress like that’. The answer is this amazing invention, the Ultimo Side Cleavage Bra.”

The bra features unique elongated cups that are cutaway for minimal coverage, as well as floating wires that provide the virtually invisible support. Silicone detail within the cups maintains the perfect position for the bust, whilst integrated foam fingers add boost. The bra comes in sizes 32-36 A-D in black and white.

Michelle added; “The Ultimo Side Cleavage Bra is the perfect solution for the under daring cut away fashions, as it gives you all the support that you need, creates a brilliant silhouette and delivers amazing ‘wear all day’ comfort. Not only that, but the straps are multi-positional, so it’s incredibly versatile allowing you to wear it a thousand different ways under any dress style.”


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