Ultimo unveil the ‘Instant Body Fixer’

Knowing how to get the perfect body is the desire of almost all women and now Ultimo, the UK’s leading designer lingerie brand, have launched an instant remedy, the Ultimo ‘Instant Body Fixer’.

The Ultimo Instant Body Fixer gives a dramatic and instant body makeover, adding two cup sizes to the bust and powerfully contouring curves for a slimmer, sleeker silhouette! The new design goes on sale tomorrow, Monday 10th January 2011, in Debenhams stores nationwide and www.ultimo.co.uk priced at £41.00. The product is part of the brand’s “Miracle Solutions” range, a collection of highly innovative design-registered products designed to perfect and enhance the body.

Michelle Mone OBE, creator of Ultimo, said;

“This garment will give you a body that sculptors would rave about – not only does it boost your assets by 2-cup sizes, but it streamlines the silhouette and sculpts the waistline. If you’re struggling with some extra inches after the festive season and want to look your best, this is the perfect investment.

“An incredible body is all about proportion and the Ultimo Instant Body Fixer will give you just that, instantaneously. Unlike a lot of bodies on the market, this product trims and sculpts your body to its optimal shape, whilst also delivering incredible cleavage to give the perfect hourglass shape.

“Not only that, but it comes in two styles – backless and v-shaped plunge, so it can be worn invisibly under a variety of dress styles. It also offers two cleavage options thanks to the clever removable silicone pouches.”

In 2010 Michelle Mone was awarded an OBE for her contribution to the lingerie industry. Since launching the world’s first Grade-A Silicone Gel bra back in 1999, the Ultimo Plunge Bra, Michelle has continued to bring cutting-edge lingerie design to the high-street. Ultimo now boast over ten patented and design registered products. The Ultimo Instant Body Fixer features ‘secret support’ inner structure, engineered to create lift and to sculpt the silhouette. The removable gel in the bra gives the option of cleavage, while the super-smooth finish and infinity edge gives it amazing wear-all-day comfort.

The Ultimo ‘Instant Body Fixer’ is available in nude and black and goes on sale tomorrow, Monday 10th January 2011, in Debenhams stores nationwide and online at http://www.ultimo.co.uk.



    1. Hi there, yes we can! The postage costs are however larger, we charge £17.50 to deliver to Canada via fedex, and then the garment should be with you within 2-5 working days after that. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call on +44 (0) 845 230 1122 where you can speak to an Ultimo Customer Service advisor. Hope this helps!

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