2 - Kristy Rogers

Real Women Winner #2 – Kristy Rogers

2 - Kristy RogersCongratulations to Kristy Rogers, our second gorgeous winner in the Real Women Ultimo Lingerie Campaign!

This Sheffield beauty, 30, originally hails from the West Yorkshire city of Leeds.  Working for a major retailer, Kristy looks after the warehouse side of the business, in distribution and indirect spend.  This may not be the most glamorous side of the business, but Kristy really is passionate about her job having entered the buying sector straight from college in 1998.

This opportunity won’t be the first time Kristy has pushed herself; Kristy does a lot of hands on fundraising for charity including a 10,000 feet parachute jump in aid of Cancer research!

And what would Kristy do if she won the lottery…?  Adopt all the animals in the RSPCA!

We think Kristy’s a lovely lass, and look forward to spending time with her at our fabulous shoot.

If you want to join Kristy, remember there is still time to enter to become one of the lucky 24, just click here.  To keep up to date with all announcements, make sure to keep an eye on these pages!



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